debbie- nj

It was so nice to meet you and the gang. Mr. Moe or we call him Moey, is doing great. We just love him. He is not one bit shy and is getting along great with Lily our Ragdoll. He was a little anxious when he met Ziggy our dog, but now he is getting use to him and goes up to him. He is making himself right at home. He even comes up on our bed- sometimes sleeps there or sleeps in his bed or wherever he wants. He has quite the personality. Jim told me that today Lily was washing Moey. I think this is a good thing for Lily too. She really likes him- they play together and she follows him around or he follows her around. So happy we have him. Update: Moey is just a love- couldn't have asked for a better cat- he is truly a great companion!! My husband and Moey hang out during the day and Moey is always by his side. He is the best and oh so beautiful or should I say handsome!!

Kayla- NY

Milo is doing really well and we love him to pieces!  He’s a sweet and loving kitty with such personality!  He follows us around the house and is very curious.  He has to know the source of every noise or voice he hears.  He is extremely playful and makes us laugh with his high jumps and summersaults.  Milo has brought us so much joy!  We are so glad that we found AbbeyRoadRags Cattery and can’t imagine our family without our precious Milo!


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Kristen- CT

Hi Danielle, we love Barley. He is so cute. He looks like an otter, a fox and a baby bear at times. He loves to pet us with his paws, so affectionate. The way he looks at us is almost human. he talks to us with different sounds. He gallops across the floor and slides into the walls. He likes to chew on things also. When Chris brushes him out he likes to nip at her. He watches the water fill into the clothes washer and likes to be in the cool basement when it is hot out. Anyone would love this cat, his love of people. We are very grateful to Danielle for raising these beautiful and fun loving pets. Barley is very precious to us.