Our 4 legged "children" are a small group of sweet, laid back, loving and friendly Ragdolls. They are so docile, gentle and tolerant with the human children! It is impossible not to fall in love with a Ragdoll: their spirit, their personalities, their gentle and loving nature. They are loyal companions and actively involved in our everyday life. They are truly part of our family as all Ragdolls. 

Remaining a small hobby breeder with a true love for the Ragdoll breed allows a more comprehensive and time intensive program. The goal is to continue the proper Ragdoll line while improving on the breed and providing wonderful companions to families for a lifetime.

about US

This is a family endeavor and we are all actively involved in the process. We are a closed cattery for the safety and protection of our cats, but we do not kennel our cats. They are free-roaming in our home where they can receive ample exercise, attention and love from the family. We all take part in the work involved in this undertaking, which is considerable. Cleaning everyday to maintain a healthy living environment, grooming regularly to maintain hygiene, appropriate visits to vets to maintain health in all areas, raising babies, socializing, playtime, feeding time, cuddle time; these are all responsibilities that we share as a family and encourage each other to perform with enthusiasm and ability.

We do not condone de-clawing and we never allow our Rags outside. We really love raising litters of babies. We socialize them extensively with people and children, and hand raise them from day one. We spend a great deal of time with our kittens and we believe it shows in the quality of socialization, temperament and personalities that develop. We work hard to ensure each one grows to live up to the Ragdoll name.

​It is a top priority that potential buyers feel comfortable and confident in choosing the right breeder for them. This is an important decision and a big commitment. It is essential that our kittens go to the best possible homes, and also that buyers are happy and satisfied with their choice. We strive to go above and beyond to make sure that the best match is made for everyone. We hope we can provide that new loving companion, from our family to yours.


Greetings from Abbey Road Rags. Our family and cattery are currently located in Bucks County, PA in a modest, cozy home on the outskirts of town. As a Christian family we attempt to pursue compassion, kindness, and love in all we do. 

Our family currently consists of my wife and
I, our17-year-old son ,a chocolate Lab, jack russel, and a brussels griffon. We all adore Ragdolls and animals in general, so we all work together to strive to give each of our kittens the best start to life as possible which includes ample socialization, handling and safe exposure to people, pets and stimuli.

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