Maggie + Armoni
​Kittens Born 7/17/17~ Ready to go 9/15/17

ava + jude
​Kittens Born 7/18/17~ Ready to go 9/15/17

Max~ $800~ Reserved for Lexi in PA

Male: Blue Bicolor

Rusty~ $800~ Reserved for Laura in PA

Male: Seal Mitted Colorpoint

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page today regarding current

& future litters. Thank you.

Thank you for visiting. We currently

have a new litter of kittens that we

are accepting inquiries on! Please

continue below for details and

availability. We are planning on

fall and winter kittens next! please

contact us ​today to inquire about

Future kittens and to see if we are a match for each other.

Thank you!

​Due to the immense popularity and high demand for Ragdoll kittens and the small number of kittens we will produce and have available to the public each year, we recommend placing a deposit to reserve your future addition. 

If you are interested in being added to our waiting list to be provided updates and information on future litters, please contact us today. Please include your name, email, contact phone number and any other relevant information about yourself and your family.

We are very selective in choosing homes for our kittens; if you contact us expressing interest in adopting an Abbey Road Ragdoll please be prepared to provide specific information about yourselves and the home our kitten would be going to. 


[Abbey Road Rags]

Allie~ $850~ Reserved for Dan in PA

Female: Blue Bicolor

*all kittens below are currently 

reserved for their families*

*new litter of kittens available*

Andrew~ $800~ Reserved for Carole in PA

Male~ Flame Bicolor 

Sadie + jude
​Kitten Born 7/5/17~ Ready to go 9/1/17

*PAGe LAST UPDATED: 9-18-17*

Katie $850~ Reserved for Ursula in NJ

Female: Seal Colorpoint Mitted

Ash~ $800~ Available

Male: Blue Bicolor

River~ $800~ Available

Male: Blue Bicolor 

molly + Armoni
​Kittens Born 8/23/17~ Ready to go 10/20/17

Morgan~ $800~ Reserved for a family friend

Male: Seal Bicolor