[Abbey Road Rags]

Terms of agreement

If you are considering adopting a Ragdoll kitten from us, we require you to carefully read and agree to all of the following terms.

Your Responsibilities:

~A $200 deposit per kitten is required to reserve your kitten(s). This deposit is nonrefundable and helps cover our time spent with buyers, our costs in raising the kittens and maintaining a healthy cattery and helps protect us and the kittens.
~We have a no de-claw policy. This procedure is painful, harmful and could alter the personality and/or cause aggression.
~Under no circumstances will the cat/kitten be allowed outdoors. This is for the safety of not only the natural wildlife around you, but also for your pet. Aside from parasites and diseases that can easily be picked up by your cat outdoors, they would also be exposed to many other dangers [such as dog attacks, cat fights, car accidents, loss or theft.
~You will unconditionally be required to spay or neuter your kitten. You will be required to sign a contract stating you will have this procedure done. You will not be given registration papers until you have provided proof directly from a licensed veterinarian that the kitten has been altered.
~You will be responsible for providing a safe home environment and proper care to your kitten. This includes but is not limited to: good food, fresh water, regular veterinary care and hygienic indoor facilities.

Our Responsibilities:

~We will provide you with a healthy kitten that has been examined by a licensed veterinarian who will be provide a health certificate.

~We will provide the initial de-wormings, flea treatment, and round of shots and the corresponding record for the kitten.

~We will provide a 2-year health guarantee against fatal genetic or congenital defects. This guarantee will offer replacement of the kitten but no cash refunds.

For a complete review of the Terms of Agreement, see our CONTRACT.