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As of 2022-2023, all kittens regardless of color, pattern or gender will be priced $1300 plus 6% PA state sales tax. This price is for any gender, color, pattern and even occasional show quality kittens!

​​[Prices are subject to change]

​[Discount may be offered for purchase of two full price kittens & repeat buyers]

​[Kittens that are mutually agreed to be purchased for less than full price do NOT include any guarantee]

​[Under no circumstances will a kitten be placed prior to payment in full]

About our kittens

Our kittens are hand-raised in a safe, clean, close-knit, loving family home. Our kittens are well socialized and adored from Day 1. They receive the best health care from a wonderful veterinary hospital, proper nutrition with high quality food, a very hygienic environment with necessary cleaning and grooming. Everyday they are pampered with ample love and attention. Our kittens will never be caged; they free-roam our home and interact regularly with our adult cats and children. Our home is a closed cattery for the protection of our beloved Ragdolls. We maintain routine checks, parasite control and health care. All adult cats are tested negative for FeLV/FIV. All kittens will have initial vet checks, age appropriate vaccinations, & de-wormings before they leave between 8 and 12 weeks of age. Please place a deposit today for your future kitten. Once a match is established and a deposit is placed, that kitten will be reserved for you until he/she is ready to leave.

What we require from our buyers

1. Potential and definite buyers are required to read the Terms of Agreement & Kitten Contract, and must agree and adhere to all terms

2. Your deposit IS your intent agreement to purchase is required to reserve a kitten of choice

3. All buyers are required to sign a no de-claw, no FIP vaccine and 7 day quarantine upon adoption as part of the contract

​​4. All buyers are required to sign a contract agreeing to spay or neuter their kitten and provide proof to the breeder 

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​Due to the immense popularity and high demand for Ragdoll kittens and the small numbers of kittens we will produce and have available to the public each year, we recommend placing a deposit to reserve your future addition.

The $200 deposit to hold your kitten is nonrefundable. You deposit acts as an agreement of your committment to purchase a kitten from our cattery. This confirms for us that a potential buyer is legitimate, serious and prepared for this important responsibility. It also protects us for expenses paid out when beginning the adoption process. The deposit also protects you as it reserves a kitten for you and your family. Lastly and most importantly, the deposit protects our precious kitten from a wavering family who may back out at the last minute leaving that kitten at the prime age for adjusting and bonding, without a home-plan in place. Please understand, the deposit is strictly nonrefundable​. 


VIA ZELLE:jamie carlton 267 372 2205

5. Buyers are responsible for all future necessary and appropriate health care (vaccinations, parasite control, vet visits, spay or neuter) 

​6. Buyers must agree to keep their Ragdoll INDOOR only

​7. Buyers must agree to provide a good, sanitary & safe home for their kitten. Proper housing, good food, and maintaining appropriate health and vaccinations is required. 

8. For the protection of the entire cattery, under no circumstances will any kitten be allowed to be returned to the cattery at any time, for any reason

What is included

with your kitten

Kitten Care:

1. You will receive a healthy kitten

​2. Your kitten will be vet checked by a licensed veterinarian

3. Three (3) dewormings

4. First round of shots

​5. One (1) dose of initial flea treatment if needed (Nitenpyram oral medication)

6. Kitten will be litter trained and on solid food

7. At pickup your kitten will be cleaned, clipped and groomed

​8. Breeder support

Kitten Documents:

1.  The vet record

2. Kitten Contract

3. 2 year health guarantee against fatal genetic or congenital defects

4. Receipt of purchase and payment

5. New Kitten Checklist

6. Kitten folder with all documents and contracts

7. TICA registration (Papers will not be released to the buyer until proof of spay or neuter is obtained from the vet and provided to the breeder)

Kitten Gift Package:

1. You will receive a kitten care gift package from us with your new addition

​2. Your kittens folder with all his/her documents

3. A designer adjustable quick release collar of your choice with a bell

4. ​A starter bag of Science Diet Healthy Development Kitten Formula

5. Small bag of treats if available

6. One (1) New cat litter scoop 

7. Assorted kitten toys (balls, bells, mice)