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Do you have any kittens available right now?
Please check the available kittens page! This page is updated any time there is a change in current availability so it should be accurate and up to date.
When will you have kittens again?
We have a regimented breeding program that changes each year for each female so timeframes for litters will always vary. Please contact us to see if we have any specifics for future litters available or not and also check the available kittens page for any news that we have on upcoming litters.

How do I get on the waiting list?
If you would like to be added to the waiting list to be kept updated on future litters, please email us the following information: Name, location, phone number, desired timeframe and preferences, and any other relevant information about yourself that would help us in considering you as a potential home for one of our kittens. Please be aware that the waiting list is for updates only. When there is news or new availability of kittens, you will receive on email. The waiting list does not guarantee you a kitten. If you wish to have a kitten held for you, you will need to be placed on the reservation list.

How do I reserve a future kitten?
The reservation list is for serious buyers who have been in communication with us and have decided to commit to working with our cattery. In order to be added to the reservation list, we require: all of the above information, a conversation about reserving, and a $200 nonrefundable deposit.

How do I reserve a current kitten I saw on the Available Kittens page?
Email us right away with your: Name, location, phone number, desired timeframe and preferences, and any other relevant information about yourself that would help us in considering you as a potential home for one of our kittens. Tell us which kitten you are interested in and how you would like us to contact you back (email, text or call). We will get back to you when we are able.

Do you ever have older kittens, young adults or retired adults available for adoption?
Occasionally we will have an older retired breeder, but not very often. When we do, we will start with first contacting our current resources; family and friends, families who have previously adopted from us, and our veterinarian and their rescue. If none of those avenues result in a home, then we will list them on our available page.  



What is the price of your kittens?
As of 2021, all kittens regardless of color, pattern or gender will be priced $1100 plus 6% PA state sales tax. This price is for any gender, color, pattern and even occasional show quality kittens!

Do you offer any discounts?

A $100 discount on the 2nd kitten is applied if you adopt 2 kittens because Ragdolls thrive in pairs and we love to see them together with a bonded companion. A $25 discount is applied for prepayments made at the time of reservation. A $25 discount is also offered for students and veterans. A $50 Loyalty discount is given to returning families!

What Payment Methods do you accept?
For deposits we accept: Venmo, Paypal, and Check
For balance payments in advance we accept: Venmo, Paypal, and Check
For balance payments upon pickup we accept: cash only

Why don’t you have varying prices like most other breeders?
We have decided to do this because we feel that too much of the focus has been placed on the look of specific cats, markings, show quality, etc. We believe the pressure and focus should be taken off the looks and placed on the best trait of Ragdolls themselves: their temperament. The same love, socialization and time intensive care go into raising every single kitten we produce, regardless of their looks or gender, so those things will no longer be a determining factor in pricing.

How do I make a deposit?
We do prefer to email and speak to you before you place a deposit. After that there is a link to our Paypal on the site, we can email you our address for a check or you can send us your payment through Venmo to: @abbeyroadrags

Why do you require a deposit and why are they nonrefundable?
We require a deposit primarily to protect everyone involved. First and foremost when you decide to work with our cattery, you are in fact offering a lifelong home to a companion, a living creature, and a life we cherish. Being willing to leave a deposit speaks to your commitment and protects that future from losing out on the home it was planned for. A lot of time, love and emotional and mental energy goes into what we do and of course we want to protect that precious time from being wasted by honestly, a lot of people who just are not ready for whatever reason. The less time we waste thoughtfully responding to every person who is not ultimately interested, the more time can be spent raising up the best kittens we can. And of course for you, placing a deposit will secure you a pick of a kitten so that you don’t miss out on being able to adopt a quality kitten from a responsible breeder due to the high demand and limited availability of the breed.


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